Executive Sous Chef Bahrain Slider Station

Bahrain (BH)

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Gastronomica General Trading Company
Bahrain (BH)
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Chefs, Executive Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef
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New Opening Slider Station – Take your place

Sliders Station’s debut in Bahrain is an eagerly awaited event. Inspired by the American gas station of the 1940’s, Slider Station is the first “Conveyer Belt” American restaurant in the world. Offering a unique experience within an ‘industrial chic’ setting, Slider Station specializes in tapas as well as a wide range of typical American specialties.

At Gastronomica we seek chefs who are creativity, passionate and inspiring.  You will have spent a majority, if not your entire career cooking within high end casual restaurants and hold an understanding of balancing the fine line of customer expectations, costs and creativity. 

Your ability to successfully, inspire, mentor and lead a team of chefs together with  your passion for innovation will steer you into a rewarding career with Gastronomica.

As the Executive Sous Chef your responsibilities will include:

  • Effective and efficient kitchen management, budgeting and reporting
  • Ensuring all menu items are prepared to recipe standards and consistency is maintained
  • Standardizing recipes, developing and maintaining all kitchen specifications and procedures
  • Creating, innovating and introducing new menu ideas
  • Liaising with the purchasing, marketing and corporate teams
  • Vendor development
  • Maintaining kitchen specifications
  • Efficiently allocating resources and effectively executing cost control processes
  • Ensuring high quality and high consistency of food and safety standards

Your understanding of a variety of differing cuisines together with and exposure to the high end restaurant sector within the GCC will be greatly appreciated as will your ability to work with multi-cultural teams.

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