Paymaster/General Cashier

United Arab Emirates (AE)
10 Nov 2016
08 Dec 2016
Job Type
Finance, Cashier
Job Level

The successful candidate must have minimum 2 years experience as General Cashier or similar position in preferably 5 stars hotels. Has the ability to communicate effectively in English, Arabic knowledge is an advantage; flexible. Pro efficient in Microsoft. Must have Bachelor Diploma



  1. Process all Hotel staff payroll on monthly basis and salaries should be transferred to the bank by 30th of each month. Verify and process vacation payments during the month Verify and Process the staff final payments and once finalized forward to HR to post in the system. Once posted in the system , the EOS transaction is to be processed and forwarded to A/P to raise a cheque Maintain up-to-date filing system for payroll and related papers. Ensure that the following reports are checked and approved by :
  • All reports are initiated by the Chief Accountant after audit
  • Financial Upgrade audit report & Payroll Reserves Report is approved by FC
  • Payroll detailed report to be approved by HR Department
  • Financial upgrade report is approved by the GM
  • Payroll reconciliation to be done and the same to be approved by HR/FC/GM
  1. Print and distribute all payslips by the 1st of the following month. Replying to payroll queries raised by staff and handling emergency payments, answering queries on  vacation payments, during the month To prepare Payroll policies as and when required and deemed necessary

General Cashier

  1. Every morning open the safe deposit box, in the presence of a witness, must be somebody from the security  The cashier remitting the envelope must write on the log book and sign in the presence of a witness, the witness will make sure the envelope is dropped, then sign on the log book The G/Cashier will count the cash remittance envelopes in presence of the witness. The witness will make sure the cash counted is mentioned on the envelope and sign The general cashier must update the general cashier report whilst count the cash in the envelope including paid outs, refunds & foreign currency due backs in order to finalize the actual to be deposited Verify all foreign currency received is as per opera system and make sure the exchange rate is as per the "Hotel rate Foreign currency must be recorded and exchange company to be called for comparison & sell to the hotel guest rate Any Overage / Shortage must be reported to the Internal Auditor or Financial Controller the same day Prepare bank deposit slip for cash and cheque and deposit the same day Prepare due back for F/O cashier Post dated cheque must not be excepted by the G/Cashier unless approved by the credit manager or Asst. F/C Prepare monthly summary for PDC Back office collection will come from credit department, on daily basis confirm with credit department if any collection for deposit in the bank Daily reconciliation summary to be made and forwarded to the financial accountant IOU's must be approved by the Financial Controller & General Manager. IOU's must be cleared within 48 hours After returning the IOU see that the proper supporting is attached and handed over to payable for reimbursement, the cheque is prepared and cashed Prepare General Cashier's cash count on daily basis and submit to the Income Auditor Prepare General Cashier summary and foreign currency exchange sheet and hand over the cash remittance envelopes, deposit slips, and foreign exchange sheet to the Income Auditor on daily basis For the preparation of all reimbursements, a minimum of 4 working days is required by finance department to verify claims and process the payment. All supporting documents for the claim should be attached and signed by the person claiming the reimbursement. It should be noted that any expense which is less than AED 1,000 will be paid by petty cash and if the amount is in excess of the above limit it will be payable by bank cheque through Accounts payable. While distributing casual salaries or petty cash, make sure the concerned person signs on the sheet/voucher before handing over the money. Provide change to Front Office & F&B Outlet cashier's This policy supersedes any earlier policy made in this regard.