Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (AE)

Full job details

Danat Al Ain Resort
Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (AE)
Job Type
Food & Beverage, Restaurant Manager
Job Level

Scope Of Work: 

Directly involved in the day to day running of designated areas in connection with manpower, guest service and product quality.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Job Responsibilities: 
1.  Deliver F&B service in accordance with departmental standards and procedures.
2.  Interacts with guests in each of the outlets to solicit comments.
3.  Communicates with F&B management any difficulties, guest comments and other relevant information.
4.  To demonstrate the 12-Service Excellence Basics and ensure the whole of the Outlet team continually follows the same.
5.  To rotate and schedule all colleagues in order to provide full coverage for efficient service and to maximize productivity.
6.  Interacts with guests in each of the outlets to solicit comments.
7.  To recover guest complaints, if any take remedial action immediately.
8.  To ensure that all guests are greeted and seated courteously without delay at a properly set and clean table.
9.  To ensure that all guests are served promptly.
10.  Check on guest satisfaction by talking to the guest.
11.  To exercise control measures to cut down of chinaware and glassware breakage.
12.  To be responsible for a daily report in the form of a log book compiled for all shifts.
13.  Obtains all information available for upcoming year (occupancy, forecast, trends, reservations, festive periods, etc.)
14.  Keeps updated with new products in the market.

HR Responsibilities: 
15.  Provides performance evaluations regarding colleague probation periods, annual performance reviews, promotion or transfer consideration and salary reviews.
16.  Regularly solicits feedback from supervisors on colleague performance as well as making personal observations.
17.  Establishes comprehensive training programmes for the Outlet.
18.  Evaluates departmental training sessions.
19.  Personally conducts training for all Outlet colleagues.
20.  Attends all hotel trainings as required.
21.  Adheres to all HR and Hotel policies and procedures.
22.  Continually strives to improve self; knowledge and skills.

Financial Responsibilities: 
23.  To control the Food and Beverage cost of the outlet by implementing strict portion control to prevent any wastage or pilferage.
24.  To control the labor cost by proper sales forecasting and scheduling to minimize wastage of manpower.
25.  Ensures proper and adequate controls are in place specifically over purchase orders and requisitions.
26.  Monitors monthly food and beverage inventory turnover.
27.  Prepares P&L analysis of all upcoming promotions.
28.  To ensure that purchasing, receiving and all storage are efficiently handled and that the goods purchased conform to the company’s specification.
29.  Review and analyze monthly Profit and Loss statement with the Director of Food & Beverage/Food & Beverage Manager.
30.  Reviews food and beverage cost analysis on a daily basis to ensure costs are in line with budgeted and forecasted figures.
31.  Check and analyse daily covers, average check and sale.
32.  Actively participates in energy saving and recycling initiatives, and ensures all F&B colleagues follow the same.

General Responsibilities: 
33.  Attends all required management meetings.
34.  Conducts daily briefing which will include:
  - Important hotel / division / section information
  - Emphasised current priorities, new problems, services and product
  - Daily guest feedback
  - Banquet daily events of the day
  - Ensures each Outlet also conducts briefing at the start of each shift
35.  Ensures that the appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform and appearance are maintained of all colleagues within the F&B Department.
36.  Ensures that the hotel FSMS Program is strictly implemented, including the cleanliness of all restaurants and bars, personal hygiene standards for all food handlers and monthly Hygiene Audits. (Please refer to HACCP Hygiene and Sanitation.)
37.  Strictly adheres to the hotel’s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics.
38.  To ensure self and all F&B department colleagues actively participate in all EHSMS requirements.
39.  To carry out any additional tasks and projects as requested by the Director of Food & Beverage/Food & Beverage Manager.

Competencies & Skills

Decision Making
Impact & Influence

Winning Attitude
Learning and Continuous Development
Communication Skills

Personality & Traits

Self Motivated
Outgoing & friendly

Sense of Humour

Knowledge & Language

Good Working Knowledge of Food
Good Working Knowledge of Beverages
Intermediate Spoken and Written English

Menu Planning
F&B Promotions Planning
Advanced Spoken and Written English


High School Graduate
Industry Based Certifications

Certificate/Diploma in Hospitality/F&B Management


Minimum of 3-Years experience in a similar capacity within 3 / 4 star hotels

Minimum of 1-Year experience in a similar capacity within 5-star hotels
Previous experience working within hotels in the UAE

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