Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (AE)

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Danat Al Ain Resort
Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (AE)
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Chefs, Sous Chef
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Scope Of Work: To supervise all day operations of the Arabic Kitchen: ensures all items are produced to the agreed standards. Job Responsibilities: 1. Supervises day to day activities of the section in preparation of all food to outlets and functions to ensure all are up to the correct agreed standards and are on time. 2. Assigns responsibilities and levels of operational authority within the section. 3. Coordinates with the Executive Chef and Chief Steward to ensure Hygiene is of the highest standard. 4. Maintains the policies and procedures according to standard operating procedures. 5. Implements duties in line with the set quality standards, Hygiene and Safety and Abu Dhabi Municipality requirements. 6. Maintains professional relationships to ensure a prompt and high standard of service at all times. 7. Demonstrates the 12-Service Excellence Basics and ensures Kitchen colleagues follow the same. 8. Keeps up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. HR Responsibilities: 9. Regularly provides feedback to Commis Chefs working in the Kitchen to improve their skills and knowledge. 10. Personally conducts training for all Kitchen Colleagues as required. 11. Attends all hotel trainings as required. 12. Adheres to all HR and hotel policies and procedures. 13. Continually strives to improve self; knowledge and skills. Financial Responsibilities: 14. Ensures achievement of financial results and objectives of the section. 15. Monitors and implements cost control and cost reduction measures on a continuous basis. 16. Achieves maximum utilization of materials, equipment and colleagues. 17. Assists with the planning and costing of all new dishes and recipes. 18. Actively participates in all hotel energy saving and recycling initiatives. General Responsibilities: 19. Attends all departmental meetings and daily briefings as required. 20. Ensure that the appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform and appearance are maintained at all times. 21. Strictly follows the hotel FSMS Program, including the cleanliness of all restaurants and bars, personal hygiene standards for all food handlers and monthly Hygiene Audits. (Please refer to HACCP Hygiene and Sanitation.) 23. Strictly adheres to the Hotel?s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics. 24. Actively participates in all EHSMS requirements. 25. To carry out any additional tasks and projects as requested by the Executive Chef.

Competencies & Skills Essential Ethics/Integrity Decision Making Dependability Impact & Influence Desirable/Preferable Accountability Winning Attitude Learning and Continuous Development Communication Skills Personality Traits Essential Confident Self Motivated Outgoing & friendly Desirable/Preferable Ambitious Sense of Humour Energetic Knowledge & Language Essential Excellent Working Knowledge of HACCP Systems and Requirements Excellent Knowledge of Arabic Kitchen Basic Spoken and Written English Desirable/Preferable Menu Planning & Costing BQT Set Up Design Intermediate Spoken and Written English Education Essential High School Graduate Industry Based Certifications Desirable/Preferable Certificate in Hospitality/Kitchen Management Experience Essential Minimum of 4-5 Years Experience in a Similar Capacity within 3 or 4 Star Hotels Desirable/Preferable Minimum of 2-3 Years Experience in a Similar Capacity within 5-Star Hotels

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