Income Auditor

Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
18 Oct 2016
15 Nov 2016
Job Level

Job Purpose:

             Maintain daily the proper review on all hotel income transactions made during the 24 hours “day operations” and recording to the Opera system and maintain the proper filling for that transactions and reporting system

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain daily review on the new arrival guests/rooms
    1. Check the confirmation letter and compare it with the company booking letter or client ID
    2. Compare the price given to each room with the “rate code” charged on the system
    3. Make sure the prices/payment method matching with the contract prices and payment conditions
    4. Check all arrivals type of booking and make sure of the proper collection; in advance if cash or credit card authorization in case of credit card payment or company covering letter to cover the room charge and extras in case credit facility will be given (Cash, Credit to company account, Credit Card)
  2. Maintain the proper review for all accommodations exceeds the 30 days length as the total stay amount must be collected (cash or by credit card) prior to checking-in the client. But if guest checked out before 30 nights; FO must post the difference between the low rate and the normal rate as room income to complete the rate to normal rate (guest should not take long stay rate if not completing the 30 nights stay)
  3. Review all accommodation extensions and to make sure of the payment covering the extensions (or a company letter is available and confirmed from sales in case credit account) while GM approval is requested if the company account exceeds the credit limits
  4. Review the “day-use” rooms and make sure of the correct rate posting
  5. Review the “house-use & complementary” rooms and make sure of the zero-rate posting
  6. Follow up the in-house guests payment/collection as per method of payment (cash or credit card)
  7. Maintain daily review on the checked-out guests/rooms
    1. Check the checked out rooms payment condition (cash/credit card/city ledger)
    2. Check the check out by time, and if the income posted correctly or not
    3. Check the checked out rooms documents (cash/credit card/city ledger)
  8. Check all income posted be vouchers and document completed as below
    1. Food & Beverage Income
    2. Food & Beverage Other Income
    3. Food & Beverage Discounts
    4. Laundry Income
    5. Guest Transportation Income
    6. Princess Hall & Banqueting Rooms Income
    7. Rooms Income
    8. Telephone & Fax Income
    9. Business Center Income
    10. Other Income
  9. Check all complementary checks and should be signed by GM, then posting to the manual report “cost analysis”
  10. Check all officer checks and should be signed by department head / lady employees and compare to the entitlement list, then posting to the manual report “cost analysis”
  11. Review and check any “Manual Posting” and should know the reason for each case, and make sure of correct posting
  12. Review the “Paid-Out” report, check all documents and make sure of guest signature matching the registration report
  13. Review the In-house rooms, check the rates posted should be the same during the stay period or might be changed for a reason (ex: double to single or vice-versa – ex: contract rate changed)
  14. Review the checked-out rooms with the city ledger report for the invoices will be sent to companies, then deliver to the Credit Officer to transfer to AR account, prepare the invoices and collection
  15. Review all POS machines totals after reconciling all the machines: Compare the vouchers/slips with total machines and opera reports (also check the signatures on all credit card slips/vouchers)
  16. Review all “minus” payment transaction made by all users in the payment report, to check the reason of the void / minus transaction and make sure of correct posting / void / minus
  17. Review all “correction” made by all users, to check the reason of the correction transaction and make sure of correct posting
  18. Review all “transfer” made by all users between rooms or to a PM, to check the reason of the transfer transaction and make sure of correct posting
  19. Review the discrepancies between the HK discrepancy report and same report in the Opera system, analyze the difference and follow up the correction needed
  20. Review all PM pending and all new PM, follow up the collection or solving the issues for each PM with the duty manager, reservation or sales
  21. Report to the CA and GM all pending cases, then follow up solving all cases
  22. Follow up all rebate forms, not to be posted before the Chairman signature and approval
  23. Follow up and monitor the rate codes, new rate codes, amendments to a rate code or new promotions rate codes
  24. Maintain a weekly report to report the high guest balances /over limits
  25. Maintain a weekly transfer of any long stay rooms from the guest ledger account to the city ledger account through the FO after coordinating with the credit officer
  26. On daily basis to maintain a check and review the guest ledger account to clear any pending cases
  27. Daily cash count of the previous day cash from the hotel main safe box and compare the cashiers summary report with actual count inside cashier envelopes, then prepare the daily general cashier report and deliver the money to the company main cashier (second floor)
  28. Maintain an updated Contracts file and Credit Facilities file communicating with the Sales team and Credit Officer, and check updating the AR accounts with the updated credit limits on the Opera Sys. (AR Aging) and to be matching with the files
  29. To follow up applying the “Weekly billing system” and policy strictly by sending every Thursday an e-mail to the FO to remind the due invoices (stay over than 7 nights)
  30. To follow up posting the minimum rooms in case the contract based on “Blocking Rooms”
  31. To follow up that FO and Reservation are implementing the Credit Policy for “Restriction and Flag technique” according to each company credit limits
  32. To submit the “Daily Sales Report” (package excel format) for Chairman office
  33. To maintain the commission of Venere / Expedia guest ( and review the bill and payment transfer (If the contract is valid)
  34. To make sure in case of Aviation Link company; should have only one invoice for each group
  35. To hand over / deliver the staff city ledger documents to the credit officer, transfer the data into the back office SUN system, follow the monthly deductions from staff salaries at 25th of each month
  36. To follow up the monthly payment of the credit card (Amex, Span, Visa & Master Cards) and Daily follow up is requested to discover any differences or shortage of payment
  37. Follow up the pending/deductions of the credit cards with the NCB bank & Amex (Through phone, fax and e-mails)
  38. To print out and distribute the business calls reports to all departments and collect it back
  39. To follow up the wedding contracts and it’s policy, serial no, pricing, collection and update the situation of all pending contracts or payment, and follow up posting the wedding income on time
  40. To review the internet free passwords issued for guest rooms (maximum two passwords per room) and each extra password should be 100.00 SR, and report / follow-up any pending cases

He shall not at any time during the term of this agreement or thereafter disclose to any person any information related to the affairs of the Employer or any of its customers.


  1. Hotel Experience not less than 3 years for same post.
  2.  Sending Current CV + recent personal photo to the following Email
  3. He has to mention the post name in his email subject

Knowledge computer specially hotel software like Opera, Fidelio, Sun, MC  & Excel + word & very good English literary