Chief Steward - (FB-SW-D-CS.6)

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Full job details

Danat Al Ain Resort
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Job Type
Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage Steward
Job Level

Scope Of Work:
Manages Stewards in the maintenance and sanitation of all Food & Beverage back-of-the house areas and ensures consistent supply of all operating equipment for the Food & Beverage Division in a manner consistent with the standards of the Hotel.

Job Responsibilities:
1.  Responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of all kitchens and back of house areas during all periods.
2.  Responsible for the complete and thorough sanitation of all kitchen preparation, food receiving and storage areas
3.  Responsible for the proper and adequate supply of china, glass, silver and other service ware to preparation and service areas. Responsible to maintain same to approved par stock and circulation inventory levels.
4.  Responsible for the condition, sanitation and appearance of all china, glass, silver, service ware and equipment
5.  Responsible for all food and beverage area waste and refuse removal and the cleanliness and organization of related areas
6.  Responsible for the storage, transportation, visage and all procedures relating to handling of department equipment. Responsible for the security of same.
7.  To demonstrate the 12-SEB’s and ensure the whole of the Stewarding department continually follows the same.
8.  Keeps updated with new products in the market.

HR Rsepponsibilities:
9.  Provides performance evaluations regarding colleague probation periods, annual performance reviews, promotion or transfer consideration and salary reviews.
10. Regularly solicits feedback from supervisors on colleague performance as well as making personal observations.
11. Establishes comprehensive training programmes for the department.
12. Evaluates departmental training sessions.
13. Personally conducts training for all Stewarding Colleagues.
14. Approves all colleague additions or replacement, manages annual leaves, Public Holidays / Other Holidays etc.
15. Attends all hotel trainings as required.
16. Adheres to all HR policies and procedures.
17. Continually strives to improve self; knowledge and skills.

Financial Responsibilities:
18. Responsible to conduct periodic  inventories to identify any variances to par stocks
19. Implements, monitors and manages breakage reduction programmes for all SOE’s.
20. Actively participates in energy saving and recycling initiatives, and ensures all Steward colleagues follow the same.

General Responsibilities:
21. Attends Food & Beverage meetings and daily briefings as required.
22. Ensure effective two way communication within the department by regular departmental communication meetings and daily briefings.
23. Ensures that the appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform and appearance are maintained for all colleagues within the Stewarding Department.
24. Ensures that the hotel FSMS Program is strictly implemented, including the cleanliness of all restaurants and bars, personal hygiene standards for all food handlers and monthly Hygiene Audits. (Please refer to HACCP Hygiene and Sanitation.)
25. Strictly adheres to the hotel’s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics.
26. To ensure self and all Stewarding colleagues actively participate in all EHSMS requirements.
27. To carry out any additional tasks and projects as requested by the Executive Chef.



Job Requirements

Competencies & Skills

Decision Making
Impact & Influence

Winning Attitude
Learning and Continuous Development
Communication Skills

Personality Traits

Self Motivated
Outgoing & friendly

Sense of Humour

Knowledge & Language

Excellent Working Knowledge of HACCP Systems and Requirements
Excellent Knowledge of Cleaning Systems
Intermediate Spoken and Written English

Excellent Knowledge of Inventory Systems
Excellent Knowledge of Deep Cleaning Systems
Advanced Spoken and Written English


High School Graduate
Industry Based Certifications

Certificate in Hospitality/Kitchen Management

Minimum of 2-Years Experience as a Stewarding Supervisor within 3 or 4 Star Hotels

Minimum of 1-Year Experience as a Stewarding Supervisor within 5-Star Hotels

Travel None Date Needed By # of Hires Needed 1
1  2  3  4