Alternative Restaurant Manager

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Holland America Line
Job Type
Food & Beverage, Restaurant Manager
Cruise Ships
Job Level

1. Ensures the delivery of superior and unsurpassed service to all guests.

2. Supervise and train all Pinnacle Grill Staff in the performance of their duties in accordance with MOM standards.

3. Leads and manages Pinnacle Grill Staff by ensuring all are functioning as a cohesive team and unit.

4. Coaches all subordinates in ways and means to continually improve their work performance.

5. Checks each Pinnacle Grill Staff work area before service begins in order to monitor table setup, commode organization, condition of china, glassware, silverware and silver products.

6. Handles all guest-related concerns immediately with aim to solve all problems to the guest level of satisfaction

7. Responsible for the implementation and execution of food handling, food service and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards.

8. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of all table reservations and seating assignments

9. Responsible for the performance, personal conduct, dress and grooming of all subordinates and reports on these subjects objectively and timely to the Culinary Operations Manager.

10. Maintains a high level of productivity and service from all assigned employees. Ensure resetting of tables occurs without delays.

11. Manages and control of the actual hours worked and the proper recording of employees.

12. Prepares of work schedules for all employees in the restaurant organization.

September 2012


13. Works closely and cooperates with superiors, colleagues and other employees in order to achieve the highest possible guest’s satisfaction survey results.

14. Prepares themselves for daily meeting with Pinnacle Grill Staff in order to provide input and address current operational concerns.

15. Prepares monthly evaluation (Fitness Cards) for all employees assigned to the Pinnacle Grill.

16. Conduct daily inspections of all aspects of area of responsibility and as directed Culinary Operation Manager.

17. Prepares and assists in the preparation of inventory and breakage report.

18. Prepares and assists in the preparation of Health & Sanitation reports as requested by the Manager Culinary Operations.

19. Controls the issuing of weekly requisitions and submits to the Manager-Culinary Operations for approval. Helps monitor and control consumption of all supplies.

20. Enforce NLV protocols and oversee training in his areas.

21. Reports any malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair or refurbishing to the Culinary Operations Manager.

22. Implements and executes proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in all restaurant areas in order to ensure good appearance and condition of these areas.

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