Mandarin Speaking reception agent

Seychelles (SC)
700 euro net
12 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016
Job Level


The Receptionist is responsible to provide fast, efficient, courteous service at all times to guests. He/She makes sure that the daily duties of the reception are carried out and deals with all guests’ queries by providing accurate information and proper follow up.

He/She is fully responsible for the Reception float and performs currency exchange and payment of invoices.


Have fun. It is an essential element of the Savoy Brand Standards. Let professionalism permeate everything you do. Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Ethics are non-negotiable. Commit to quality without question. Believe in open doors. (A closed one is hard to communicate through!) Inspire those around you with your passion.

Innovate and create every day. This drives success. Believe we do our best working together. Create new expectations.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not limited to the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.

∙             To organize, provide and coordinate training for new starters

∙             To take over Shift leader position when required

∙             Have a good knowledge of the local area and where to find relevant information.

∙             To know the operating hours of each outlets within the hotel.

∙             To communicate with all guest and employees in a professional and courteous manner at all time.

∙             Adhere to all company policies and procedures.

∙             Covering other Front Office department positions when required.

∙             Perform any reasonable task requested by the reception supervisor.

∙             Respond to guest complaints in a professional manner at all times and record all relevant information.

∙             Ensure the Front Desk and back offices are being kept clean and tidy at all times.

∙             Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, cleanliness and appearance at all times.

∙             Always use the correct standard to answer the telephone.

∙             Constantly check the handover, memo file and ensure checklists are completed at the end of your shift.

∙             Report any unusual occurrences and any concerns to the reception shift leaders and supervisor.

∙             Welcome all guests upon arrival according to the Savoy brand standards.

∙             Ensure that procedures for rooming are being adhered to.

∙             Promote the hotel facilities efficiently.

∙             Ensure all special requests on the arrival list are being action and followed up.

∙             Verify that all registration cards and keys have been prepared for the day.

∙             Update any information from the guest registration card onto Fidelio.

∙             Liaise with the Concierge desk for the delivery and collect of luggage.

∙             Follow up with the concerned airlines and agencies in case of any guest’s lost luggage.

∙             Ensure that upon arrival, information on guest’s voucher matches the one in our reservation system. If incorrect or wrong, ensure proper action is taken.

∙             Reconfirm airline ticket for all direct guests and follow up on any query from agencies’ guests.

∙             Prepare the registration card for the next day.

∙             Verify / print / attach with departure letter the bill for the next day departure.

∙             Ensure that parcel, faxes, messages are delivered to guests on time.

∙             Constantly liaise with all the resort departments to ensure smooth running of the operations.

∙             Sorting and filling of guests’ bills from the outlets.

∙             Clearing out the dockets of the check out guests.

∙             Prepare and update the departure control sheet for the next day.

∙             Ensure that the F/O supplies are in stock and reordered on a correct and timely system


∙             Handle individual FIT Guests, and Group Check-outs according to standard procedure.

∙             Post charges immediately to the guest folios.

∙             Arrange guest bills into respective pockets/buckets and verify recurrence.

∙             Handle all check-outs efficiently and professionally with minimum delays

∙             Maintain guest ledgers in a systematic manner to facilitate balancing a shift end.

∙             Handle foreign exchange ensuring that every transaction posted on Fidelio signed by guests.

∙             Be alert of forged currencies and expired credit cards, and to notify the Front Office Manager or Deputy Front Office Manager.

∙             Check the validity of travel agent vouchers.

∙             Ensure that all rebated and paid-out vouchers are signed by Front Office Manager or  Deputy Front Office Manager

∙             Ensure that the hotel's credit policy is adhered to at all times.

∙             Prepare and balance a cash report and remittance envelope at the end of the shift.

∙   To maintain the Log book, by recording any information and guest comments.


The Key Results Areas for this position are:

∙             Handling of guests’ needs and suggestions.

∙             Assisting clients in their problems.

∙             Maintaining excellent interpersonal skills because of the nature of the task.


These KRAs will be appraised using the following indicators:

∙             The level of quality maintained while focusing intensely on the customer.

∙             The number of suggestions identified.

∙             How effectively and efficiently, registered complaints have been solved.


Normally 8 hours per day (excluding 1 for lunch and tea breaks), but due to the nature of the work, the Receptionist is expected to regularly work long hours, on evenings, on week-ends, public holidays and during cyclonic weather.