Security Systems - CCTV Operator

Dubai, UAE

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IFA Properties and Residential Services
Dubai, UAE
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Security, Security Officer
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A successful CCTV Operator should have: Valid Security Systems Operator Certificate from Dubai Police Academy. High School diploma At least 1 - 2 years of experience in Security field in UAE Good knowledge of safety and security principles and practices in UAE. Knowledge of CCTV systems. Good oral and written English communication. Additional languages are an asset. Due to the immediate need to hire for this position, candidates are expected to be on Visit/Tourist Visa or Visa Cancellation and not expected to serve one month notice in current company. Main Duties / Responsibilities of a CCTV Operator include but not limited to: Day to Day operation of the monitoring center. Monitor activities of all premises and procedures activities via the monitoring center CCTV System. Attend to complaints of theft, pilferage or reported losses and conduct preliminary investigations on an ad-hoc basis as and when required. Gather and compile CCTV reports and evidence. Monitor the camera images continuously so as to assist with the prevention and detection of crime regularities. Monitor the movements of vehicles, maintenance personnel, sub staff and visitors. Report any suspicious movements to the Team Leader. Do not allow access to unauthorized personnel in the CCTV room. Do not allow unauthorized personnel to review the cameras. Perform monitoring tasks in line with standard operating procedures. Operate a multi-camera reporting system, ensuring criminal incidents and any visitor handling irregularities are recorded. Control the operation of all cameras in order to carry out necessary camera patrols. Arrange the use of automatic camera and screen sequencing to increase the likelihood of detecting incidents. Operate the equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Operate all other equipment in the monitoring room in a correct and efficient way. (I.e. Access control/Intercom Functionality/BMS system etc.). Ensure that the standard of security services provided by the contracted security staff at various EY Facilities complies with the prescribed standards and the applicable job descriptions/site instructions. Check equipment for operational readiness and conduct first line maintenance. Inspect equipment for failures and faults. Notify Team Leader about failures in order to minimize downtown. Record equipment failures and faults in applicable books and register. Maintain the control room as a tidy working environment. Regularly clean the CCTV equipment. Maintain an effective video and tape management system in line with standard operating procedures (SOP). Store video evidence securely under appropriate conditions. Do not disclose information to non-authorized persons. Produce formatted statements of evidence to corroborate real-time recordings. Inform supervisor of changes in manning duties.
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