Reservation Agent

Doha (QA)
08 Oct 2016
05 Nov 2016
Job Level

Customer Satisfaction and Business Development

  • Ensures the Customer Satisfaction through the right process of welcome, confirmation and implementation of the bookings with the Rooms division and the other departments involved.
  • Considers the Sales Department as a prime client.
  • Respects the objectives of the rates and inventory through the consultation of the system and verification with the reservations supervisor or Reservations Manager for sensitive requests
  • Ensure the quality of all rate and product information provided to a client
  • Ensure on-time quotations.
  • The goal is to converts offers into confirmed and guaranteed bookings
  • Implement the follow up process of the department and efficiently traces the offers in due time.
  • Has the ability to offer rates and room category as long as they appear available in the system.
  • Upsell an confirm the upsellings
  • Can participate to some sales activities targeting Key Clients
  • Respects the Sales information and segmentation of the clients and take a particular care to the Key and TOP Accounts and ensure the permanent development of new accounts through the quality of service provided in reservations and the report of potential or existing problems in a minimum period of time.
  • Detects Business Opportunities and communicates them to the relevant person
  • Communicate any problem, issue or risk for an account with the DOSM MICE and the Account Handler.

Computerized reservation system Management

  • Provides timely reservation information for use by the front office and hotel officials.
  • Ensure the quality of the database for all fields.
  • Supports the Reservations Manager in the System Checks and inputs.
  • Supports the Reservations Manager in all missions as requested. 


  • Participates actively to trainings.
  • Participates to the positive ambiance in the department
  • Respects the rules and regulations of the departments
  • Respect and exceed the quotas set by the Management
  • Ensures that the shifts handovers are smooth and timely organised.
  • Effectively manage the day to day operational issues in a timely manner.


  • Ensures the pre-payment of the bookings. Train and support the reservations team accordingly.
  • Support the Credit Department to reach their objectives