Restaurant Supervisor

International Hotel Est
Bahrain (BH)
08 Oct 2016
05 Nov 2016
Job Level

International Hotel Establishment is the owner of Bushido , Trader Vic's Bahrain, Haute cupcakes & other upcoming projects.

Company Objective: To establish a leading position within the food and beverage industry.

Company Vision: To be an internationally recognized brand that offers everyone a unique experience.

Our core values: Passion , Ownership, Openness, Diversity, Trend Setter

General Description:
The Restaurant Supervisor is responsible for the smooth operation of the restaurant floor, with a focus on customer satisfaction and overseeing team performance with regards to the standard of service provided to guests. The Restaurant Supervisor also works as an intermediary for communication between all departments.

Job Description: 

  1. Ensure that a high standard of service is delivered by the department at all times.
  2. Ensure all guests are satisfied and address all special requests, issues and complaints as they arise.
  3. Manage and organize all staff requirements and duty rotas for the department.
  4. Coordinate the correct execution of all tasks on the restaurant floor.
  5. Allocate stations to the Captain Waiters.
  6. Plan, organize and allocate the team for the setup and execution of functions and events.
  7. Be well-informed with a thorough knowledge of available products and promote promotions, events and guest surveys.
  8. Encourage thorough product knowledge within the team.
  9. Seek feedback from every customer.
  10. Oversee the weekly and monthly inventories and ensure they are performed correctly.
  11. Responsible for performing the monthly inventory for restaurant equipment
  12. Check on a daily basis, that all furniture and equipment in the main dining room and private dining areas are in good condition.
  13. Assist the Restaurant Floor Manager as required, taking on additional responsibilities in their absence.
  14. Recognize hard work and talent by recommending suitable promotions within the team to the Restaurant Floor Manager.
  15. Handle and coordinate complaints and report all issues and complaints to the Restaurant Floor Manager.
  16. Ensure that those you are responsible for operate in accordance with SOP.
  17. Always take initiative to help others and assist other departments as required.
  18. Follow all instructions as directed by management.
  19. Obey to hygiene, food safety and cleanliness regulations.
  20. Attend and assist with scheduled training sessions and training meetings as requested by management.
  21. Issue coaching and verbal disciplinary action to Waiters and Food Runners as required in a professional and appropriate manner.
  22. Be fully aware of the licensing regulations and abide by these rules.
  23. Be fully aware of fire and safety regulations.
  24. Deliver regular training to the team as required.
  25. Responsible for submitting the daily ENT report and Captain AVC.
  26. Ensure guest survey targets are achieved each day.
  27. Find solutions to challenges or consult the Restaurant Floor Manager.


1. Full resume & photograph

2. Full body picture