Bar Manager / Assistant Bar Manager

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Competitive Salary + Benefits
04 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016
Job Level

1.1.1.    Supervise the day-to-day operation of the bar & all beverage sections.
1.1.2.    Bars organization, administration, profitability, service quality, requisitions, maintaining the standards, guest satisfaction and staff development matters are under his/her responsibility as part of his/her main duties.
1.1.3.    Prepares Bar’s Weekly Rosters.
1.1.4.    Creates a healthy and fair atmosphere in where personnel can work with maximum productivity and happily.
1.1.5.    Fills out the Requisition Forms for necessary F&B items and materials from storerooms.
1.1.6.    Checks all service set-up matters at least ½ hour before service starts.
1.1.7.    Attends the F&B meeting or any other meeting instructed by Food & Beverage Office.
1.1.8.    Trains continuously his staff (behaviour, suggestive selling, service skills, knowledge, etc.)
1.1.9.    Makes sure all operation equipment are cleaned and polished on a sufficient amount for the operation.
1.1.10.    Prepares daily log book with details.

1.1.11.    Coordinates with Engineering when repairing needs to be done via Maintenance.
1.1.12.    Follows up daily occupancy and take necessary action for service.
1.1.13.    Checks the appearance of the service personnel daily.
1.1.14.    Looks after the associates and solve the 
1.1.15.    Problems, which might arise from time to time.
1.1.16.    Suggests and recommends to the F&B Office the most efficient way of the operation 
1.1.17.    Implements new service procedures together with the Director of Food & Beverage & F&B Manager
1.1.18.    Follows up the instructions, which are given by F&B Office.
1.1.19.    Handles all administration regarding his/her Outlet.
1.1.20.    Supervises and is responsible of billing and cash flow of his/her Outlet (closing the checks, discounts, voids, Hospitality Guarantee, etc.)
1.1.21.    Ensures that the budgeted profit is achieved.
1.1.22.    Performs other duties assigned by his/her Supervisor
1.1.23.    Checks beverage items temperature, presentation and quantity.
1.1.24.    Makes sure the bars are clean, always tidy, without any hazard and safe all the time.
1.1.25.    Deals with guest complaints.
1.1.26.    Welcomes the guests and allocate a table.
1.1.27.    Handles special requests.
1.1.28.    Needs to have sale behaviour, and show as a leader the sales knowledge to increase the revenue of the restaurant.


1.1.29.    Ensures all staff are thoroughly familiar with the Hotel’s emergency procedures and is in a state of preparedness for any emergency which may occur.
1.1.30.    Execution of regular technical/skills training. Is responsible for setting up and maintaining ongoing training programs in the department in conjunction with the HR Manager & the Training & Quality Manager.
1.1.31.    He/she is familiar with all related company documentation and especially with the relevant Operational Standards Manual for his/her field of responsibility.
1.1.32.    Other duties as assigned.


1.1.33.    Assist in Task Force Teams for new openings.
1.1.34.    Carry out any other reasonable task (which may not be stated here) as requested.