Dry Cleaner

Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
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Emaar Hospitality Group LLC
TABD - Dry Cleaner
Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
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Housekeeping, Housekeeping Attendant
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  • The Address Boulevard is a destination where cool meets warmth, and style meets sophistication. This vibrant five-star flagship hotel redefines luxury, hospitality and business travel.

Are you a talented Dry Cleaner? Do you have the required experience? Are you looking for an exciting and challenging career within an innovative and genuinely caring atmosphere? Are you a person who has passion and desire to delight, who dares to be different, who is always 100% and believes in “Yes we can”?

Then, be part of our team and discover the power of belonging, we are looking for people just like you!

Job Description

      • Understanding the company’s objectives and standards, processes and plans
      • Understanding the values and culture of the company and how they influence what we do
      • An approach to work which outs “the customer” centre-stage and emphasizes personal responsibility for the team’s results
      • Daily reinforcement of the “service first” mentality to meet the needs of internal and external customers.
      • Active achievement of the customers’ expectations and performance targets of the department
      • Actions to “go the extra mile” and deliver exceptional customer service, not just the minimum acceptable
      • A warm & friendly approach to other team members and a positive sharing of workloads, skills & knowledge
      • Interest in a customer comments and complaints and action on the feedback provided by the team leaders
      • Awareness of costs and cost control (e.g. control of waste) and awareness of budget targets for the department
      • Following standards explained: and careful work to ensure safety & accuracy at all times Security awareness and safe keeping of all valuables trusted in your care (money, keys passwords, equipment)
      • Attention to detail and “self-checking” of quality to speed up service delivery
      • Willingness to learn new things and to develop new skills to improve work performance and flexibility
      • Willingness to accept positive criticism in an open and friendly way and to raise issues and challenges with confidence
      • Responsible for ensuring tidiness & cleanliness his area of responsibility
      • Work within all pre-set budgetary limits.
      • Job-Specific Knowledge & Skills (Indicate required level: basic, intermediate, advanced or expert):
      • Active listening and follow up so that you are “up to speed “ on the days guests and hotel happenings
      • Writing down advice and actions in logs and traces so that there is “continuity” in our service across the day and night
      • A focus on super-fast service, balanced with accuracy and awareness of both safety & security
      • Outstanding personal presentation
      • Separate laundry or dry cleaning clothes and process them accordingly.
      • To check the pockets for any pen or metal items that can damage the clothes.
      • To report back to supervisor if any colour fastness or damages spotted.
      • If found any delicate fabrics process as per the care label instructions.
      • To report to supervisor if any leather or similar items that cannot be processed.
      • To Press the garments, Spotting of garments if any stains found.
      • Use of PPE equipment while using the Dry cleaning machine.
      • To keep Dry cleaning machine clean, check the filters after 3 cycles.
      • To Schedule to run the distillation tank on a monthly basis.
      • Close following of instructions and checklists to maintain inventory counts and separation of tagged laundry.
      • Close following of sanitary standards and training provided concerning hygiene, bacteria controls and safe work.
      • Close control of inventory to reduce inventory loss from miss-use or pilfering. Effective completion of documentation and linen counts
      • Coordinate with engineering to remove all the chemical waste from the Dry cleaning machine and dispose as per Dubai municipality standards.
      • Contribution to a happy work place atmosphere through a sharing of task, especially the harder tasks.
      • To perform any other task that may be assigned from time to time by the management