Sales Manager- Melia Doha, 5* Hotel

Qatar (QA)
29 Sep 2016
27 Oct 2016
Job Level

At Meliá Hotels International we value human and professional qualities. We work together to grow in a company that is the leader not only in our different lines of business but also in people management, one of our main foundations. For those reasons and because we know that you are talented, ambitious and are seeking to grow and improve as a professional, we are inviting you to come and achieve your dream with us.

Objective of the Position

To achieve revenue objectives in the corporate / key accounts segment, with key focus being on managing the list of existing corporate accounts and pro-actively hunting for new accounts, in order to maximize customer satisfaction and overall profitability of the Melia Doha part of the Meliá Hotels International group and therefore increase overall profit of the whole Meliá Hotels International portfolio. To contribute to the achievement of the main target in the segment Key Accounts in revenue, ADR and occupancy).  One of the key objectives for this role would be on Consortia and Business Travel, with specific objective to increase the level of business co-operation and number of presentations and sales visits with aim to increase market share of the hotel from consortia vs previous months. This to be evaluated on quarterly basis, against a specific target of appointments and revenue growth vs previous month. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To ensure the minimum of 10 appointments per week, of those a fair share being in the offices of the key accounts and booking agencies as well as the meetings at the hotel.
  2. To establish good business relations with decision makers and bookers at the managed accounts. Entertain them regularly at the hotel for a meal or coffee, combined with a show-round in order to enhance the clients’ awareness of our product.
  3. To cross-sell within the company objectives the entire portfolio of services of the Melia Doha and sister properties within the Meliá Hotels International family of hotels.
  4. To pro-actively hunt for new accounts with a high business potential for the hotel. Ensure the rate negotiation in line with the Meliá Doha objectives and business plan targets.
  5. Contribute to the implementation of various key projects of the corporate sales team, which are in line with the business plan and budget objectives. Ensure that the projects are executed with emphasis on increasing the profitability of the sales at the Meliá Doha.
    1. Analyse corporate sales statistics on monthly basis and implement actions accordingly (reviewing production with the accounts immediately ).
    2. Review market analysis and RGI results with the sales team and HBT, contribute to the improvement of the hotel performance.
    3. Participate in sales blitz, presentations, road-shows, fam trips and other sales actions as requested and determined by the HBT and senior corporate sales manager, with aim to achieve the business targets for the corporate segment of the Meliá Doha for the year.
  6. Support other corporate sales managers in sales actions, show rounds, fam trips, presentations, reports, race days, cold calls and other projects as part of the daily sales duties in the department.
  7. Daily research of the new potential accounts, by identifying them in the daily arrival list and / or media and publications, with aim to contract new accounts and increase the overall profits of the Melia Dohal and of its mother company Meliá Hotels International.
  8. To evaluate Hotelligence report on monthly basis, in order to identify the opportunities to increase production from consortias and other business agencies, increase our market share and / or pro-actively approach these agencies and secure new business.
  9. To implement a number of promo activities to GDS booking agencies and / or consortia, in line with the targets and action plans determined by the corporate sales team and HBT.
  10. Participate in at least 2 relevant networking events in London per month.
  11. Enhance the Company’s image and stay abreast of the competition, new developments, participate in various events of Chambers of Commerce, Meeting Planners and Associations etc.
  12. Prepare reports as requested to develop a more informative database for improved management decision-making and critical evaluation of work activities.
    1. Provide Director of Sales and senior corporate sales manager with a weekly appointments report.
    2. Update Corporate Account Production report (CAP) in the first week of each month for the previous month.
    3. Prepare and implement ACCOUNT DEVELOPMENT PLANS, update them on monthly basis.
    4. Keep Director of Sales and senior corporate sales manager promptly and fully informed of all problems of unusual matters of significance coming to his attention so that prompt corrective action can be taken where appropriate.
    5. Keep files (both hard files and e-files) up to date and neat, complete with the relevant information. Every file of the managed account should have a copy of the current and previous contract, company information and the contact details of the decision maker and agency, if applicable.
    6. To participate in sales team meeting every week, and in the weekly meetings of the corporate sales team.
    7. To regularly update the database.
  13. Promote morale, productivity and efficiency among other members of the team with a leading by example approach.
  14. Perform all accountabilities and established best practices in a timely and efficient manner, to promote a favourable image of himself and more important to achieve objectives, public recognition and acceptance.
    1. Foster a co-operative and harmonious working climate conductive to maximum team moral and productivity.
    2. Perform other duties as requested
  15. Participate in the Duty Manager’s rota as required by management.