Human Resources Senior Officer

Middle East, Qatar
28 Sep 2016
26 Oct 2016
Job Level

•Identifying Training and Development needs within an organization through job analysis , appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers and and Human Resources Department;

•Designing and Developing Training and Development programmed based on both the organization and the individuals’ needs.

•Considering the cost of planned programmed and keeping within budgets as assessing the return on investment of any training or development programed is becoming increasingly important.

•Working in a team to produce programmed that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in an organization, such as line managers, accountant and senior managers at board level;

•Developing effective induction programs;

•Conducting appraisals

•Devising individual learning plans

•Managing the delivery of training and development programmed and, in a more senior role , devising a training strategy for an organization;

•Monitoring and reviewing the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussion with managers;

•Ensuring the statutory training requirements are met
•Evaluating training and development programs

•Amending and Revising programmed as necessary , in order to adapt to the changes that occurs in the work environment;

•Helping line managers and trainers solve specific trainings problems , either on a one to one basis or in groups;

•Keeping up to date with developments in trainings by reading relevant journals, going to meetings ad attending relevant courses.

•Increasingly having an understanding of E – Learning Techniques.