Learning & Development Manager - Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park


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Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts - Middle East & Africa
Job Type
Human Resources, Training Manager
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Job Overview

Responsible for managing the hotel's learning & development
function, including developing a compliment of qualified departmental trainers
and establishes a hotel system for generating training data and evaluating
results. The L&D Managers position impacts on the skills, knowledge
and attitudes of every hotel employee and ensures the availability and use of
effective resources. The position also plays a leading role in promoting the
desired work culture around the Winning Ways of the InterContinental Hotels
Group and the brand ethos.

At Crowne
®, we want our guests to
feel able to do their best, achieve their goals and be recognized for their
success.  To help them, we need you to
stay One Step Ahead and:

  • Create Confidence – by being an
    expert at what you do; by acting and looking the part and adapting your
    style to match your guests’ pace in all you do.
  • Encourages Success – by supporting and
    respecting your guests and their goals; by recognizing them and making
    them feel valued and important and offering thoughtful choices to help
    them feel restored and balanced.
  • Make It Happen
    by being perceptive to your guests’ needs; by taking ownership for getting
    things done and working seamlessly with others to help guests be successful.
  • Duties and Responsibilities

    1.    Analyzing
    training needs of the hotel in general and in individual departments,
    developing strategies and including them in the Training Business Plan.

    2.       Assists
    Director of Human Resources with preparing annual training budget &
    maintains hotel training records, statistics and training and development
    budgets and include in a monthly training report.

    3.       Designs
    and implements training programmes which meet specific departmental needs in
    conjunction with Department Heads, ensuring that training session plans are
    structured and that training is effective

    4.       Conducts
    off job training sessions based on the Hotel Training Needs which include
    Induction and Orientation, Brand and Service training, Foundation Programmes,
    Driving Revenue Performance & Building Managers.

    5.       Analyses
    company statistics from Guest and Employee surveys, business financial results
    etc to measure success of training and the job satisfaction levels from Employee
    Engagement Survey

    6.       Provides
    individual or group instruction to Department Heads and Supervisors to improve
    the effectiveness of their staff meetings, performance reviews or other
    training related  and people activities

    7.       Assists
    in the selection of Departmental Trainers, then trains and develops them
    through on-going workshops and monthly meetings

    8.       As part
    of the Training Needs Analysis conducts Departmental Training Reviews on a
    regular basis, helping the Departmental Trainers to establish training system
    within the department.

    9.       Assists Director of Human Resources and
    Department Heads with identifying high potential and high value individuals and
    ensures career progression within the hotel/company matching it with their
    development potentials

    10.   Ensures that all employees have Personal Development
    Plans with identified development needs and opportunities to address them

    11.   Provide
    input to department managers prior to bi-annual performance and development
    reviews of their teams.

    12.   Plans
    and conducts the Performance management modules for senior and supervisory
    level to align the process in the hotel within the time scale advised by
    corporate office.

    13.   Reviews Annual Performance Review forms and Personal
    Development Plans and recommends appropriate development opportunities

    14.   Ensures that all relevant departments have up to date
    Service Standards and Procedures Manuals and guides and coaches in the
    production of the same

    15.   Ensures that all Departmental Trainers have task
    breakdowns for their on job training sessions.

    16.   Ensures that every department has got departmental
    monthly training calendar and the department submits training report at the end
    of each month

    17.   Observes departmental training sessions on a regular
    basis and provides feedback and coaching to the trainers identifying strengths
    and development opportunities

    18.   Closely monitors hotel HeartBeat / Employee Engagement Survey
    results and develops hotel training strategy considering the appropriate scores

    19.   Works closely with Director of Human Resources on new
    employee on-boarding and ensures that every employee has completed departmental
    induction and has received initial skills training within the first two weeks
    of employment.

    20.   Ensures that all new starters have completed IHG Hotel
    Orientation program and brand culture training within 14 days since the
    starting date.

    21.   Prepare
    and monitor training programs for all trainees coming to the hotel for
    training purposes, work experience students and school trainees etc.

    22.   Maintains necessary training records

    23.   Responsible for booking and arranging training rooms and
    necessary requirements.

    24.   Liaises with external training providers to organize
    training not available in house

    25.   Liaises with educational institutions on the matters of
    trainee internships

    26.   Responsible for preparing external trainees initial
    training plans

    27.   Counsels Hotel staff as needed.  Develops, implements performance management
    systems to plan, appraise and improve individual and team performance

    28.   To  manage  the 
    hotel  cross  training 

    29.   To manage / take  part in
    key projects related to the hotel, region and the HR  department

    30.   Manage and deliver Monthly L&D report

    31.   Manage the role of the DT Trainer and  ensure effective development of the
    Buddy  system and in line with
    Departmental Task Induction

    32.   To maintain accurate budgeting / expenditure records and ensure an
    acceptable level of  strict adherence to


    1.     Comply with Hotel Rules and Regulations and
    provisions contained in the Employment Handbook 

    2.     Comply with Company Grooming Standards at all
    times to portray a professional image of self and the hotel.

    3.     Comply with Time and Attendance Policies set
    by the hotel.

    4.     Actively participate in training and
    development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development

    5.     Demonstrate understanding and awareness of
    all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety

    6.     Familiarize yourself with emergency and
    evacuation procedures

    7.     Ensure all security incidents, accidents and
    near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention
    of the Line Manager

    8.     Comply with the Company’s Corporate Code of

    9.     Familiarize self with the company values
    (Great Hotels Guests Love) and model desired behaviors (Winning Ways, Room to
    be Yourself) and ways of working (IHG Wheel).

    10.  Perform all tasks as directed by the Manager
    in pursuit of the achievement of business goals


    The above is designed to help you in the understanding
    of the role and is not intended to be a definite list of your duties, as
    flexibility in meeting company and guest needs is required by all employees

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