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Holland America Line
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Chefs, Executive Chef
Cruise Ships
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Responsible for the preparation of food according to the standards and quality levels set by the Marine Hotel Department and ensures the highest quality at all times

2 Responsible for the implementation of all new menus, standards and procedures as set by the Corporate Marine Department. Also responsible for all existing menu cycles in the food operation, to ensure that all cycles and preparation of food are followed by the galley brigade at all times. Executive Chef must ensure that all set ups in all outlets are set as per the Corporate Culinary Department and that all set ups are attractive at all times

3 In conjunction with the Culinary Operations Manager and Corporate Marine Department to implement all up dated corporate recipes and to develop galley personnel in the knowledge of all standard recipes and ensures all preparation and methods of cooking are adhered to

4 Responsible for the implementation and execution of food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards. Follows all HACCP procedures as set by the company and sets training accordingly for all galley personnel and ensures that all galley personnel can answer all questions during USPH inspections

5. Responsible for the overall direction, supervision, training and personal conduct of all employees assigned to the kitchen operation.

6. Follows and develops all cooks which are participating in the apprenticeship program and recognizes future galley personnel for their development in future courses.

7. Responsible for training and developing the 2nd Executive Chef to enable him to run the food operation in case of unforeseen circumstances

8. Follows training program set up for all new hires in order to familiarize employees with ship operations and culinary work procedures and ensures all new 2nd Executive Chefs and Sous Chefs are put through familiarization training. October 2012

9. Prepares or assigns preparation of work schedules of all employees according to guidelines of the kitchen organization.

10 Controls actual hours worked in his department and records these on the appropriate forms as per the standards set by the Marine Hotel Dept.

11 Achieves and improves targets of weekly ratings given by guests onboard.

12 Through crew fitness and evaluation form, conducts 30 day evaluations on all ratings and recommends advancement to semi-skilled and skilled positions through development and training

13 Appraises and evaluates officers/petty officers within the kitchen departments according to their goals and objectives using the culinary supervisory evaluation form and the official appraisal format.

14. Reports all merchandise used in the kitchen organization which does not meet the quality levels as set by the Marine Hotel Dept. to the Culinary Operations Manager

15. In conjunction with the Culinary Operations Manager and Provision Master, assists in preparing the order for quantity and quality of provisions that are taken aboard at the various ports of call, including the home port. Adheres to company par stock levels as set by program and ensures enough food stock by adhering to all menus set by the Corporate Culinary Department is available at the start of embarkation day

16. Reviews the following day's cycle menu as to its suitability based on the ship's supply of food stores ensuring that the quality of food is maintained and not decreased in quality and presentation

17. Plans and prepares menu cycles for officers and crew and is responsible for quality of food standards and analyzes the production of food for wastage and over production

18 Responsible for the preparation and control of the daily supplies needed for the preparation of the menu requirements and assures the correct quantities of daily supplies needed for the preparation and that no shortage of food items being distributed to the galley impacts the daily operation

19. Makes targets of food costs within given budget.

20. Responsible to execute, implement and supervise proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in all kitchen areas in order to ensure good appearance and condition of these areas.

21. Reports any malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair or refurbishing to the appropriate departments and Culinary Operations Manager and follows up on a constant basis that all malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair are completed October 2012

22. Prepares any other reports as required or requested by the Corporate Marine Department, the Hotel Director or the Culinary Operations Manager.

23. Responsible for creating an atmosphere in the kitchen organization which will achieve maximum productivity and a high degree of responsibility towards producing safe, wholesome, high quality and attractive food for passengers and crew and disciplines galley personnel accordingly following the correct procedures


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