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Assistant Front Desk Manager

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

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Rosewood Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Job Type
Front Office, Front Office Manager
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Responsible for the management of all aspects of the Front Desk functions, in accordance with hotel standards.  Directs implements and maintains a service and management philosophy which serves as a guide to respective staff.




  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, service procedures and standards.


  • Ensure that standards are maintained at a superior level on a daily basis.


  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards.


  • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.


  • Anticipate guests’ needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.


  • Maintain positive guest relations at all times.


  • Resolve guest complaints, ensuring guest satisfaction.


  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.


  • Maintain complete knowledge at all times of:
  • All hotel features/services, hours of operation.
  • All room types, numbers, layout, decor, appointments and location.
  • All room rates, special packages and promotions.
  • Daily house counts and expected arrivals/departures/ VIP’s.
  • Room availability status for any given day.
  • Scheduled in-house group activities, locations and times.
  • All hotel and departmental policies and procedures.

    • Access all functions of the computer system.


    • Answer department telephone within 3 rings, using correct greeting and telephone etiquette.


    • Establish par levels for supplies and equipment.  Complete requisitions to replenish shortages or additional items needed for the anticipated business.


    • Ensure that current information on rates, packages and promotions are available at the Front Desk and that all staff is knowledgeable on such.


    • Review the daily business levels, anticipate critical situations and plan effective solutions to best expedite these situations.


    • Prepare and adjust weekly work schedules in accordance with staffing guidelines and labor forecasts.


    • Ensure that staff report to work as scheduled.  Document any late or absent employees.


    • Coordinate breaks for staff.


    • Assign work duties to staff.


    • Conduct pre-shift meeting with staff and review all information pertinent to the day's business.


    • Inspect grooming and attire of staff; rectify any deficiencies.


    • Inspect, plan and ensure that all materials and equipment are in complete readiness for service; rectify deficiencies with respective personnel.


    • Constantly monitor staff performance in all phases of service and job functions. Rectify any deficiencies with respective personnel to include Front Desk staff, Bell/Door staff, PBX staff and Concierge staff.


    • Monitor the hotel front entrance and resolve any congested situations.


    • Monitor the check-in/check-out process; anticipate critical situations and assist wherever necessary to help alleviate the pressure and to process the guest expediently.


    • Monitor communication logs and ensure that guest requests are followed up within       minutes. 


    • Monitor safe deposits boxes procedures; audit accuracy of cards with proper signatures and ensure availability of keys.


    • Monitor guest mail and ensure that it is processed according to procedures.


    • Monitor and ensure that express checkouts are processed through the system.


    • Monitor the staffs' interaction with guests, ensuring prompt and courteous service; resolve discrepancies with respective personnel.


    • Assist staff with their job functions to ensure optimum service to guests.


    • Observe guest reactions and confer frequently with staff to ensure guest satisfaction.


    • Adhere to hotel requirements for guest/employee accidents or injuries and in emergency situations.


    • Ensure security of guestroom access.


    • Monitor and ensure that all cashiering procedures comply with Accounting policies and standards:
    • Contracted banks
    • Shortages/overages
    • Late charges
    • Petty cash/paid outs
    • Adjustments
    • Posting charges
    • Making change for guests
    • Cashing personal/travelers checks
    • Payment methods/processing
    • Settling accounts
    • Closing reports
    • Cashier reports
    • Balancing receipts
    • Dropping receipts
    • Securing banks


    • Review previous night's no-shows, verify and ensure billing of such.


    • Assist Accounting in researching all disputed charges and contact guests where required to explain disputes regarding Front Desk procedures.


    • Assist staff with expediting problem payments.


    • Anticipate sold-out situations and know how many rooms are overbooked.  Handle overbooked or “walked” guests.


    • All other duties as required.





    • Experience:                         Minimum two years’ experience, preferably in a luxury or ultra-luxury hotel.


    • Education:                          High school diploma; some college. 


    • General Skills:                      Must be able to perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy;

    prioritize, organize and follow-up; be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment; follow directions thoroughly; understand a guest’s service needs; work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team; work with minimal supervision; maintain confidentiality of guest information and pertinent hotel data.


    • Technical Skills:                   Familiarity with yields management and cost controls; ability to perform job functions

    with attention to detail, speed and accuracy, prioritize and organize, be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment, follow directions thoroughly, understand guest’s service needs, work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team, work with minimal supervision, maintain confidentiality of guest information and pertinent hotel data, ascertain departmental training needs and provide such training, direct performance of staff and follow up with corrections when needed, input and access information in the property management system/computers/point of sales system.


    • Language:                           Required to speak, read and write English, with fluency in other languages preferred.


    • Physical Requirements:         Must be able to exert physical effort in transporting _____ pounds, endure various

    physical movements throughout the work areas, reach up and down, remain stationary at times throughout work periods, and satisfactorily communicate with guests and co-workers to their understanding.


    • Licenses & Certifications:     None required.
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