Executive Chef

Maldives (MV)
21 Sep 2016
19 Oct 2016
Executive Chef
Job Type
Chefs, Executive Chef
Job Level


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks out side the scope of work described.


  • Supervises the creation of menus for the entire resort, in accordance with the principles of the Culinary Spirit of Constance Hotels Experience, the concepts of the restaurants and the yearly action plan, as well as the guidelines from Corporate Chef.

  • Ensure that all food served in the resort respects Hotel standards, in terms of quality, taste, portioning, presentation and variety.

  • Ensures that market Matrix satisfaction reports for “quality of food”, “presentation of food” and “variety of food” meet or exceed the target.

  • Meets and enquires of satisfaction of guests directly, on a regular basis.

  • Initiates and develops, along with F&B Director/Manager, creative actions to develop the dynamism of the culinary in the resort, including choice of SOE.

  • Ensures that all food served at Hotel respects at all times the hygiene standards in force in the resort.





  • Selects fresh products and suggests suppliers to the purchasing manager, balancing quality, price, and service.

  • Ensures that recipes and costing for all dishes and food preparations served in the resort are accurate and updated.

  • Presents menus to F&B Director/Manager with related food cost and suggests selling prices.

  • Ensures that food cost is controlled and within budget.

  • Supervises along with F&B Director/Manager the reports of menu engineering. Initiate, suggest and develop improvements and sales actions accordingly.

  • Ensures that cost of operating supplies is controlled and within budget.

  • Ensures that cost of chemicals for the stewarding is controlled and within budget.

  • Ensures that controllable staff-related expenses are within budget.

  • Suggests yearly investments and FFE requests to general manager.




  • Ensures and cascades down good practices related to safety at work

  • Ensures the role of “HR manager” of the department. Suggest initiatives to improve stability and motivation of the team.

  • Supervises the career plans of the department and ensures that training objectives are met for the department.

  • Ensures that all team members follow CHE and Hotel kitchen P&Ps and SOPs and respect Hotel procedures.

  • Ensures that headcount is complete and respected at all time, anticipate hiring processes and follow-up with HR department.

  • Ensures that the core values of Constance Hotels Experience and the hotel are communicated and understood by all.

  • Ensures that team members behave as per the principle our core values.

  • Ensures that chefs and supervisory staff of the kitchen have a “big picture” vision, and a good understanding of the context.

  • Defines yearly objectives for the department, in accordance with F&B Director/manager and the corporate chef, and suggest to General Manager.

  • Conducts one to one meetings with all chefs level AHOS up, at least three times a year.

  • Defines individual objectives for all team members level AHOS up, communicate these objectives, measure progress and suggest improvement.

  • Ensures that Hotel discipline standards are adhered to at all time by team members.

  • Supervises annual appraisals of the team members and ensure satisfaction of the team. Propose promotions and career development for the high potentials.




  • Ensures that the department is complying with the safety and security rules of the resort and the country.
  • Ensures that objectives of the department are defined, explained, understood and followed up, measured.
  • Ensure that all kitchen procedures are supported with standard SOPs and P&Ps and that these rules are actually applied in the operation.
  • Supervises the performances of all kitchen and stewarding teams.
  • Ensures that objectives are met in terms of score at hygiene inspections, and that HACCP standards are followed with consistency.
  • Ensures that all menus are supported by Hotel standard “technical data sheet”, with picture, and that information is easily available in the outlets.
  • Follow-up maintenance issues and ensures that the investment is preserved at all time.