Laundry Attendant

United Arab Emirates (AE)
21 Sep 2016
19 Oct 2016
Job Type
Job Level
  1. Collect dirty uniforms and issue clean uniforms to designated hotel personnel as per department specifications.
  2. Legibly document information on uniform slips and distribute accurately.
  3. Legibly document information on uniform cards for new employees; issue and make necessary alterations for new employee uniforms.
  4. Size, issue and properly document uniforms for temporary personnel.
  5. Issue designated cleaning rags/service towels to F&B personnel; transport soiled cleaning rags to Laundry for cleaning. Maintain designated par levels.
  6. Legibly document and coordinate guest and hotel management laundry/dry cleaning and hotel uniforms to be picked up and cleaned by service company.
  7. Inspect condition, charges and amount of cleaned items received from service company; resolve any discrepancies.
  8. Organize all cleaned laundry/dry cleaning and uniforms into designated order and racks.
  9. Monitor and maintain the orderly and clean condition of the uniform room.
  10. Remove substandard uniforms from circulation and reassign replacements.
  11. Monitor and maintain accurate records of all assigned and unassigned uniforms.
  12. Distribute all paperwork to designated personnel/departments.
  13. Process guest requests for pressing and minor repairs of clothes as assigned.
  14. Coordinate repairs for uniforms.
  15. Coordinate pick up of soiled hotel linen and delivery of cleaned hotel linen from laundry service company.
  16. Inspect condition, charges and amount of cleaned hotel linen received from Service Company; resolve any discrepancies.
  17. Organize and stock all clean hotel linen in designated areas, shelves.
  18. Remove substandard hotel linens from circulating inventory.
  19. Receive rental linens from service company and verify accuracy of delivery to order; resolve any discrepancies.
  20. Issue designated table linens to F&B personnel according to departmental procedures.
  21. Report all shortages, damages, maintenance requests, problems and linen/uniform availability to manager.