Ras Al Khaimah, 45 minutes from Dubai
19 Sep 2016
17 Oct 2016
Job Level


  1. Reports directly to the Concierge.
  2. Provides any kind of assistance to Guests.
  3. Provides assistance to relevant departments during functions, banquets and other events in house.                           


  • Ensure that the Lobby and front entrance are kept clean, paying special attention to all glass areas and the main doors as well as emptying ashtrays when required.
  • Collect messages from Marian Service Centre and record them in the recording book. Messages should then be delivered in the required standard time.
  • Ensure that all deliveries for Guests and colleagues are correctly recorded and then delivered to the correct destination in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain a presence in the Lobby when not delivering luggage to guest rooms, offering assistance to Guests, under the direction of the Concierge or Duty Manager.
  • Undertake the duties and responsibilities of the Doorman, as directed by the Concierge and/or Duty Manager.
  • Ensure all luggage is collected from guestrooms within the standard time.
  • Ensure that all luggages is delivered immediately as instructed by Duty Manager or Concierge and placed in the room to the correct standard.
  • Handle all Guest property with extreme care.
  • To assist with room changes as directed by the Duty Manager.
  • Ensure that all long term Guest luggage is stored correctly and receipted in the correct manner.
  • Ensure that guest elevators are only used when is absolutely necessary and when deliveries to guestrooms are of an urgent nature - this will be deemed by the Concierge.
  • To assist in the departmental training of new colleagues
  • Be aware of all functions that are taking place in the hotel and to direct guests to the correct destination.
  • Display an attitude of friendliness, courtesy and sincerity to all Guests (both internal and external), making them feel welcome and at ease, using guest names at every given opportunity
  • Be fully aware of all restaurants and services in the Hotel, being knowledgeable of opening times, type of cuisine and dress code.
  • Maintain amicable and co-operative working relations with other departments in the Hotel.
  • Comply with all Health and Safety legislation, using working practices that are safe and sensible to your colleagues and to yourself
  • Be aware of the departmental schedule and to always be on time for duty


  1. Proficient in English (verbal & written).
  2. Must be able to handle a multitude of tasks in an intense, ever-changing environment while remaining calm and collective
  3. Must be flexible in terms of working hours and willing to work overnight
  4. Prior experience in customer service is an asset
  5. Must be able to lift up to 25kg

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