AC Supervisor (HGR)

Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
17 Sep 2016
15 Oct 2016
Job Level

Qualifications & Experience:

  • 4 years Diploma in Engineering Course
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in 5 star hotel or hospitality property as HVAC Supervisor
  • Requires a thorough knowledge of HVAC, Refrigeration, electrical and mechanical operation and layout of a large building. Should have background in all phases of hotel operation.
  • Supervisory and Leadership Skills
  • Good communication (verbal and written)  and problem solving
  • Thorough knowledge of fire and safety procedure and equipment.

 Key Responsibilities:  

  • Ensure that all air conditioning systems in the hotel are in smooth operation and high level maintenance at all times.
  • Perform routine inspections on a daily basis within the property and records the conditions of all equipment & machineries; and reports any substandard / breakdown and defect to maintenance engineer.
  • Supervise the technicians within the shift and ensure that all complaints, requests and maintenance are allocated and attended in a prompt and in standard manner.
  • Reports to Engineering Management the daily work progress and trouble / break down updates, reports and completion.
  • Supervise in allocating AC Technicians in attending all refrigeration and A/C trouble reports on daily basis. Guest room complain is given high priority.
  • Works closely with peers to carry out preventive maintenance and annual maintenance program.
  • Checks the repairing and maintenance of HVAC, air quality control, and refrigeration equipment.
  • Supervise in monitoring and controlling property temperature.
  • Ensures efficient operation and maintenance of electrical and AC equipment, supply and distribution lines and carries out maintenance work on all electrical gadgets installed in the hotel.
  • Attends to guest complaints promptly.
  • Order, mark, and stock parts and supplies as needed. 
  • Assist management in hiring, training, scheduling, evaluating, counselling, disciplining, and motivating and coaching employees; and serve as a role model
  • Follow all company and safety and security policies and procedures; report maintenance problems, safety hazards, accidents, or injuries; complete safety training and certifications; and properly store flammable materials.
  • Do the Shift report through email and verbal to engineering management and ensure proper endorsement and communication are done to the next shift for complaints, important information and follow-up.
  • Do regular training to fellow associates.
  • Records and maintains logbooks and day register.
  • Monitor the adjustment of pre-coolers, humidifiers, fan speed and preheaters.
  • Supervise in keeping air filters changed or cleaned.
  • Checks that ducts are free from vibration and clean.
  • Checks if everything is clean after the reparation is completed.
  • Contribute to the hotel’s profitability by ensuring the compliant to the hotel’s environmental policy and buildings environmental controls and energy conservation systems at all times.
  • Any other duties as directed by the management.
  • Ensuring all food hygiene and health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to and implements any legislation as required by UAE Law