Duty Engineer - TIME Ruby Hotel Apartments

Al Khan, Sharjah

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TIME Hotels
Al Khan, Sharjah
Job Type
Engineering, Maintenance Engineer
Job Level

Job Description


Scope and General Purpose of Job: 

To supervise all sections of the Department, ensuring the effective and economic operation of all sections in accordance with the standards of the Department.


To supervise all Engineering employees for attendance at work and quality of job performance.

To check and ensure that the jobs assigned to subordinates have been effectively completed on the timely basis and according to the assignment and hotel’s expectation.

Assign preventive maintenance; checks lists or instructions sheets to subordinates and ensure that the job assigned to subordinates have been effectively completed as per the PMP schedule.

To inspect regularly the function and safe operation of all equipment under his jurisdiction.

Control of all heat, light and power equipment according to the need and demand of the hotel and the external weather condition.

To control closely the consumption of material by tradesmen in all section.

Participate in hotel emergency response team.

To report to his superiors all deficiencies in equipment operation and defects within the area of his responsibility noted in the course of his duty.

To prepare requisitions for material necessary for the job performance of his subordinates and controls the issue and consumption of such material.

To perform other duties outside the normal routine if so required, within the scope of the department.

To summarize, it is not the intent by way of this Job Description to limit the scope or responsibilities of the aforementioned, but to highlight the most important aspects.

Employee handling:

To demonstrate good leadership skills and motivation of his subordinates.

To show good abilities in human resources management of his subordinates.

To ensure punctual attendance at work of all employees.

To ensure cleanliness of uniform and general appearance of his subordinates, and make sure name badges are worn at all times.

To assist with the creation of an efficient and professional team of Engineering employees.

To assist with the departmental training programmes, ensuring that all employees have a complete understanding of the hotel's policies relating to Fire, Safety, Health and Hygiene, and that these policies are strictly adhered to.

Safety at work:

To supervise closely all applicable rules of safety on the workplace.