Assistant Chief Engineer

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06 Sep 2016
04 Oct 2016
Job Level

The Assistant Chief Engineer is responsible for all maintenance aspects of the hotel to ensure that all the physical and technical installations are kept in perfect conditions at all times for the satisfaction and safety of the guests. He shall strictly comply with the standard operating procedures and methods that may be issued to him by Constance Hotels.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not limited to the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.

  1. Operations and Administration of the Maintenance Department

- Takes Charge of the Engineering Department in the Absence of the Resident/Chief Engineer of the Resort.


-  Assist the Resident/ Chief Engineer in all aspects of maintenance/engineering works and related activities.


  • Ensure that the maintenance department premises (plant, machinery, workshops) and surroundings are always kept in a perfect state of tidiness.
  • Plan and implement a preventive maintenance program for all buildings, equipment and machinery as prescribed by the manufacturers and/or as required to maintain the standards of the hotel operation.
  • Through sound management, ensure provision of uninterrupted building essential services (water, electricity, sewage removal, and fire fighting equipment) to entire hotel premises.
  • Plan and supervise execution of day to day repairs and up keeping of buildings, installations, equipment and machinery as instructed by the management of the Resort.
  • Ensure prompt and efficient customer service at all times by adopting a proactive approach and through adequate supervision.
  • Design, implement and constantly improve Standard Operating Procedures so as to ensure consistency in the delivery of excellent service.
  • Follow-up on correct execution of works entrusted to subcontractors and on development projects.
  • Strictly observe all environmental statutory requirements and promote environmentally friendly policies and practices.
  • Keep in organised files all documents related to the characteristics of operating system, installation, equipment or machinery. Log all information relative to energy consumption, preventive maintenance actions and repairs on all essential equipment (generator sets, water and sewage pumps, fire fighting equipment and the like).



  1. Human Resources
  • Organise, deploy and supervise all maintenance staff under his direct supervision.
  • Through proper communication ensure that staff members have all the information they require in order to provide excellent service at all times.
  • Ensure that the sections of the maintenance department have the appropriate staffing levels for efficient operations while achieving set employee productivity targets.
  • Constantly monitor staff morale to ensure that the personnel are kept in an appropriate state of discipline, motivation and commitment to the objectives of the organization at all times.
  • Ensure that the maintenance staff receive appropriate and adequate training, supervision and assistance in order to achieve the desirable level of performance in the all their tasks
  • Regularly appraise his immediate collaborators in order to feedback to them essential information to enable them to constantly improve their performance.
  • Keep records of staff hours of duty, absenteeism and sickness and notify the Human Resources Office.
  • Ensures Occupational Safety & Health Act, local health and safety codes, and company safety and security policy are met as well as the maintenance of safe work practices and observance of safety rules and precautions
  1. Financial
  • Ensure that all financial policies and procedures are strictly adhered to at all times as regards purchasing and storage of materials and spare parts and payment to sub-contractors.
  • Continually monitor and analyse electricity, water and fuel consumption levels in order to reduce wastage wherever possible and achieve excellent energy consumption results.
  • Assist the management in budgeting for CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Monitor and control expenses in order to remain within established budgets.
  1. Reporting
  • Regularly participate in Management and Coordination Meetings organized by the General Manager or his representative as required.
  • Report on the administration and operation of the Maintenance Department on a regular basis as per established policies.
  1. Other
  • Act as Duty Manager as per the duty management roster.
  • Participate in cross-functional teams set-up to work on special projects as and when required


The Key Results Areas for this position are:

  • Quality of response of the maintenance department.
  • Budget Control
  • Preventive maintenance of Plant, Premises and Equipment
  • Staff Management


These KRA’s will be appraised using the following indicators:

  • Maintenance Services Quality Audit Reports
  • Equipment breakdown and downtime reports.
  • Costs budgets performance – Maintenance operating costs.
  • Staff turnover and absenteeism levels.
  • No of staff grievances reported and solved
  • Staff productivity report