Engineering Supervisor - Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi (AE)
05 Sep 2016
03 Oct 2016
Job Level

Main duties and responsibilities are listed below;




1.       Maintenance of designated hotel plant and equipment.


  • Ensure plant is operating correctly, check filters, and change when necessary.
  • Floor area plant, keep clean and tidy, check on daily basis.
  • Check all ductwork for corrosion, repair and paint when necessary.
  • Repair water and air leaks, check kitchen drains on a daily basis and carry out repairs immediately.
  • Check and clean all air vents.

2.  Control and offer support to shift attendant in dealing with “Quick Calls”.

  • Ensure at start of shift, priority “Quick Calls” are given preference on Shift Attendants list of jobs.
  • Carry out F & B “Quick Calls” on an urgent basis, without disturbing kitchen and restaurant service.
  • Make checks during that “Quick Calls” are being efficiently dealt with.

3.       Maintain a log of daily utility readings.


  • Keep all readings in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Ensure all readings are taken at a regular daily time.

4.       Control plant use and maintain log.


  • Intelligent use of hotel plant to ensure comfortable conditions inside hotel.  This will be based on the ambient temperature readings and liaison with other hotel departments.



5. Check the following on start of shift, and during shift.

  • Boilers and water temperatures.
  • Water level in main tank.
  • Sump pumps for correct operation.
  • Water softener.
  • All running plant.



6.       Carry out repairs to hotel portable equipment.


  • Equipment should be repaired “in situ” when possible.

·         Equipment for repair should not remain in engineering workshop or


  • Equipment for repair should not remain in engineering workshop or office longer than necessary.
  • This work should be treated as urgent.

7.       Guest rooms and public areas.


  • Carry out immediate repairs to faulty electrical installations.
  • Carry out immediate repairs to faulty plumbing and drainage.
  • Replace faulty light bulbs on an urgent basis following procedure for correct wattage.



8.       Ensure efficient “handover” to the following shift.


  • Time to be taken on “handover” explaining possible problems and any urgent work which requires immediate attention.
  • Correct procedures to be followed regarding handover of keys etc.
  • Whenever possible attempt to clear all “Quick Calls” before end of shift.
  • Ensure any malfunctions on plant etc. are logged and noted in the daily logbook.



9. Learns fire fighting and safety precautions.  Participates as a member of the fire fighting bomb alert team.