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Purchasing Manager

Middle East, United Arab Emirates

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Rosewood Abu Dhabi
Middle East, United Arab Emirates
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Responsible for purchasing and inventory control of all food, beverage and non-food items at competitive costs while maintaining quality standards.




·          Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, service procedures and standards.


·          Ensure that standards are maintained at a superior level on a daily basis.


·          Design, implement and monitor effective purchasing procedures.


·          Obtain and accept bids for goods and services from hotel suppliers. Purchase hotel goods and services.


·          Monitor quality, price and deliveries for all purchases.


·          Assist department managers in determination of purchase specifications. Confirm delivery of products and services in accordance with said specifications.


·          Compare competitive trade and market prices. Purchase goods and services on discounts whenever possible.


·          Coordinate volume buying with various departments.


·          Maintain awareness of product innovations and recommend purchases when appropriate.


·          Maintain updated analysis of CEP purchases and progress billings.


·          Supervise buyers, storeroom and clerical personnel in accordance with sound management principles and Rosewood philosophy.


·          Monitor storeroom inventory levels to avoid waste, overstock and stock-outage situations.


·          Coordinate department activities with accounting, cost control and receiving personnel.


·          Ensure compliance with Rosewood Central Purchasing policies and procedures. Assist in preparation of additional policies as needed.

·          Maintain accurate and orderly file system.


·          Promote the hotel philosophy concerning but not limited to hiring, employee relations, disciplinary action, training, counseling, evaluating.


·          Responsible for employee compliance with hotel policies and procedures.


·          Interact in courteous and professional manner with all guests, staff and community members.


·          Respond in courteous, professional and rapid manner in order to resolve all guest and staff difficulties.


·          Apply principles of logical thinking to a wide range of unstandardized intellectual and practical problems in order to perform and direct many varied and complex tasks.


·          Interact with people beyond giving and receiving instructions, particularly interaction with supervisor, subordinates, co-workers, and guests in completing assignments, resolving staff and guest complaints.


·          Interpret and comply with a variety of instructions


·          Furnished in written, oral, diagrammatic or schedule form.


·          Perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure.


·          All other duties as required.




Experience:    A minimum of three years' experience in hotel, restaurant or related purchasing environment with a minimum of two years' supervisory experience.


·          Education:     College degree or equivalent work experience.


·          General Skills:     Must be able to perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy; prioritize, organize and follow-up; be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment; follow directions thoroughly; understand a guest's service needs; work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team; work with minimal supervision; maintain confidentiality of guest information and pertinent hotel data.


·          Technical Skills:        Thorough knowledge of food, beverage, dry goods, general supplies, printed materials, operating equipment, engineering supplies, equipment maintenance, housekeeping amenities, and hotel capital expenditures; thorough knowledge of manual and computerized inventory control methods; thorough knowledge of PC spreadsheet software; ability to evaluate vendors and negotiate terms; ability to design and implement effective purchasing procedures; ability to manage by example; ability to communicate verbally and in writing in English; ability to train, motivate, evaluate, mentor and direct employees and managers to meet desired ends; ability to access, input, analyze and retrieve information from computers; ability to maintain excellent relations with staff.

Ability to maintain staff and guest confidentiality at all times; ability to add and subtract three digit numbers. Ability to perform mathematical operations with units of measure including, but, not limited to dollars, cents, feet, inches, cups, pounds and ounces; ability to delegate responsibilities and accept responsibility for actions of others; exceptional oral communication skills to ensure ability to negotiate and persuade guests and staff to achieve results beneficial to operation of hotel; ability to converse calmly with irate guests, superiors and subordinates in sometimes intense emotional situations; ability to focus and maintain attention to performance of tasks despite frequent stressful, emergency, critical or unusual interruptions; ability to memorize, recollect and quickly retrieve dates, names, times and other data; ability to work and complete assignments on time despite frequent stressful, emergency, critical or unusual interruptions; ability to participate in all departmental and hotel-wide meetings.


·          Language:   Required to speak, read and write English, with fluency in other languages preferred.


·          Physical Requirements:     Must be able to exert physical effort in transporting _____ pounds, endure various physical movements throughout the work areas, reach up and down, remain stationary at times throughout work periods, and satisfactorily communicate with guests and co-workers to their understanding.


·          Licenses & Certifications:      None required.