Onboard - Human Resources Director

North America, Caribbean
Upon Interview
10 Feb 2012
10 Apr 2012
nclships Pequy H
Job Type
Human Resources
Cruise Ships
The HR Director is expected to consult with Fleet Personnel Human Resources on matters for which they feel further direction and guidance is required.
• In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.
• Serve as a strategic partner to the ship’s leadership by providing human resource direction and guidance on all employee related issues.
• Promote organizational effectiveness through advising, implementing, and monitoring issues such as employee relations, conflict/grievance mediation and resolution, performance management, succession planning, career path and tracking, ensure compliance of various Collective Bargaining Agreements, with the goal of consistency in application across the vessel.
• Responsible for crew well-being, comfort, and engagement by working closely with the Personnel Manager and Training Specialists ensuring preparation and distribution of all pertinent information for all employee benefits, compensation changes, and Human Resources policy implementation.
• Evaluate and ensure that ship specific HR practices are in compliance with all legal, shipboard and company safety requirements.
• Nurture an international environment that fosters a committed team that continually builds upon service excellence in all areas of ship operations.
• Attend meetings, training and courses that work to ensure that the Human Resource function strives for international best practices within the stated corporate objectives of NCL
• Acts as the ship's liaison with regards to all contract discrepancies, permanent position changes and all inquiries received by the Fleet Personnel office.
• Oversees time/attendance and scheduling policies and procedures for all shipboard employees. Performs random audits on time sheets to ensure accuracy, and compliance with MLC 2006 mandates regarding crew work and rest hours.
• Coordinates with ship management regarding crew disciplinary issues to make sure that the methods, means, and rationale for progressive discipline are fair and consistent.
• Coordinates with the security officers when needed, to collect information regarding HR matters and investigations.
• Monitors the company’s performance management system. Coaches ship management on the methods and means of fair and consistent performance management processes.
• Coordinates with medical staff to properly manage all medical and workers’ compensation cases.
• Directs and manages the cabin assignment process. Performs cabin audits as needed.
• Manages the awards process and ensures that this program is conducted on schedule.
• Must have regularly scheduled office hours to be available to meet with employees regarding any issues they may be experiencing.
• Assist union representatives when visiting to ensure that they have accommodations and a regular meeting place to interact with the corresponding crew members.
• Acts as the ship’s Compliance Officer with regards to all MLC 2006 audits.
• Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position
A minimum of at least a Bachelor degree or equivalent is required (Master’s preferred)