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“Come to us…” That’s what our hotel brand, Atana, means. Hospitality is an important part of our Omani heritage. When a guest visits an Omani home, the host feels honored and happy. That is what we strive to embody and share with our guests.

Once you arrive, we’ll help you experience the many shades of Oman as an honored guest in one of our four-star destination resorts. We are a local brand and, in the spirit of true Omani hospitality, are excited to share our local knowledge with our visitors.

Oman has so much to offer. It’s a country with rich culture and history, majestic landscapes, and people of diverse traditions. During your stay at Atana, you will have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Flavorful local cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and sweet honeyed desserts
  • Amazing natural wonders, including desert dunes, craggy mountains, serene beaches
  • Visits to picturesque towns, forts and castles dating back to the 13th century
  • Our year-round sun-drenched climate
  • A thriving art and music community

Our destination resorts give you the opportunity to stay at some of the most beautiful spots in the region, while captivating all of your senses through Omani’s art, culinary offerings, natural beauty, warm friendly service, and more. Come to us… we’ll make sure your stay in Oman surpasses your expectations.


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