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About Pragma Firma Management


Pragma Group is an organisation that balances the art and science of business. Focusing on two essential areas of today’s modern world, lifestyle and technology, Pragma Group blends skill and investment to grow brands within these two industries using the most effective business models and partnerships to make it happen.  
Smart and successful, Lebanon-based Pragma Group has worked with international partners to launch concepts in the Middle East over the past seven years, as well as build a number of businesses from the ground up, creating a well-structure family of companies.  
Having a strong eye for opportunities, Pragma Group has also put its management team to further use by nurturing the growth and development of young, new ventures that promise great potential.  
With unsurpassed experience garnered over many years in the Middle East, Pragma Group offers sustainable success for its businesses, partners and investors from around the region and the world.
Pragma Lifestyle
Leisure, entertainment and hospitality are just some of the areas that comprise Pragma Group’s lifestyle vertical.  A strong part of the Pragma Group family, Pragma Lifestyle’s track record in the industry speaks for itself.  With operations in its Beirut headquarters, UAE, KSA, Syria and Jordan, Pragma Lifestyle and its experienced team have been responsible for the launch and management of clubs, restaurants and catering businesses including franchise Lina’s Cafe, The 400 Nightclub, BoHouse Cafe, Epicure Catering, Le Talleyrand Restaurant, Health Factory and Cavalli Club.  

Pragma Technologies
From consulting and distribution to electronics and gaming, Pragma Technologies manages and develops opportunities and businesses across the IT industry. Focused on niche markets with the potential to grow, Pragma Technologies brings its extensive experience of the region to today’s digital region.  End-to-end IT solutions provider and Pragma Technology brand, LS2 Corp offers specialist services that have effectively and reliably met the information needs of some of the Middle East’s most high profile organisations and developments.  Other Pragma Technology brands also include GSM re-export hub Derinton International, Acer distribution specialists LS2 Derinton and leading gaming distributor and marketer Pluto.  
With a particular interest in new ventures, Pragma Group’s management team nurtures young businesses in areas, lending their skills and resources to become sustainably

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    • Pragma Firma Management

    Floor Manager must have strong Night Club or Bar experience. You will be the face of the venue and liaising with guests, managing staff etc.